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About Us

Central India's Super Speciality Back and Neck Clinic


Our approach to your recovery is what makes us UNIQUE.  We believe in involving you in your treatment.  That is why we educate you about your physical condition,   its causes and effects.  We determine your current level of functionality and your expected goals. Together,  we set out a plan for achieving and maintaining those goals making it the treatment that works best for you.
Initiated in 2013,  Active Care Physiotherapy started its dedicated Physiotherapy services to health, mobility and fitness on Koradi Road,  NH47. Biggest Physiotherapy Service Provider in Central India.

Since beginning, we have been successful in achieving our goal to optimize human function and movement and maximize potential. Over the course of our journey to provide excellent service, more than 5000+  patients have been treated successfully. The end result is that you recover and get back to your life and take ownership of your physical health too. 

Patients from Nagpur to as far as Madhya Pradesh came to visit for treatment, as we began to cover most of the area. We offer service for a wide variety of conditions like back pain,  shoulder,  knee pain,  fractures & dislocations,  joint replacement surgeries,  Neuro and Respiratory conditions,  Sports injuries etc.  We are certified and are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of patient care and provide highly advanced Physiotherapy.

Active Care Physiotherapy is proud to have upgraded all the modalities for which we believe in hiring experts. Our Vision is to provide world class healthcare service at affordable prices and also maintaining the quality of the services.  Active care treatment requires active patient participation while at the same time addresses individual patient needs and limitations. This active approach is combined with other effective passive forms of treatments provided by our professional physiotherapy and specialization in Non – Surgical Treatment. 

 Our Doctors and Physiotherapist are highly knowledgeable and skilled with a professional and caring approach to your treatment needs. We offer our clients, personalized treatment and consider improvement to be more than just pain resolution. 

Expert Doctors

Our therapists are fully trained to highest standards

Dr. Asim Sayyad

Founder and director

Dr. Pooja Mishra

( BPTH, MPT , Sports )
Senior Physiotherapist

Dr. Pawan Sao

( BPTH )
Clinical Physiotherapist

Dr. Tejaswini Motghare

( BPTH )
Clinical Physiotherapist

We believe that the treatment and recovery is a step-by-step process built on a foundation of trust and collaboration with our team, with you and your family.

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